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 One that stands out from the crowd is Phillip O’Malley, because of his innovative yet practical approach to the sub tropical environment in which he works. Perhaps the greatest tribute comes from his clients, so many of whom have told me of their immense satisfaction that they have in the job that he has done for them.

Colin Campbell 
Gardening Australia

In my opinion, Phillip O’Malley is one of Australia’s finest landscape designers. 
His designs are highly innovative, beautifully themed yet very practical.
For these reasons we regularly featured the gardens he created on the Burke’s Backyard television program and also in our magazine.

Don Burke 
Burke’s Backyard

Phillip O’Malley is an impressive designer. Innovative and dynamic, Phillip is never without an innovative or creative idea and finds rewarding solutions to the most intractable of problems. His marriage of design flair and sound horticultural knowledge places him apart from so many of his peers. 

John Patrick 
Gardening Australia

Living garden sanctuaries from courtyards to acreage retreats...
and any outdoor dream you may cherish or imagine...

- Phillip O'Malley -


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