About Phillip O’Malley

Phillip O’Malley

Formed in 1987 Phillip O’Malley Garden Design is an established & celebrated leader in sub-tropical landscape design.
Phillip O’Malley has designed many wonderful gardens across Australia. From Cairns to Melbourne to Perth. Most of his commissions are in the South East Queensland triangle, including Brisbane, The Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
Growing up amidst the tropical exuberance of far north Queensland, Phillip went on to work and study in inner city Melbourne. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticulture from Melbourne University, with some studies in Landscape Architecture from RMIT.
Phillip now lives at his rural retreat called “Temple Garden” in the verdant Noosa hinterland.
Fluent Style
Custom designing enchanting garden sanctuaries is a special forte of Phillip’s…. infusing these spaces with soul, spirit, harmonics, sweet balance, a sense of place, an honouring of nature.
His gardens are creatively organic with a lot of grace and style. In his sanctuaries one often finds a strong backbone with warm sculptural qualities weaving through the garden. A merging of aesthetics and practicality.
With room for both nature and humanity to thrive.
A strong and grounded knowledge of the sub-tropical plant palette, combined with innovative and dynamic structural layouts, ensures Phillip’s designs stand the test of time.
Life Experience
Phillip has great experience with a diversity of garden types.
From tropical to temperate, from coastal to inland, from wet to dry, from inner city to country, from tiny courtyards to large retreats. Consciously eclectic, he works with many influences from various genres with originality, clear vision and discernment.
His gift lies in the ability to deeply connect to, and intimately understand the garden space whatever its size or scale, where ever it may be, whoever’s guardianship it may be under.

From the most challenging of briefs can emerge the most magical of gardens... the beauty is in the detail.

- Phillip O'Malley -


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